what are the best meat gift packages

What Are The Best Meat Gift Packages?

If you’re from Southern California, you know that Wellbone Meat is the way to go. Affordable, healthy meat products that the whole family can enjoy, what could be better than that?

We know! Things like free door delivery, best prices guaranteed, and frozen delivery can make it better. It’s a good thing Wellbone has all of that under their belt. 

But what else can you look forward to with this amazing company? Let’s take a deep dive into some details, listed below.

wellbone meat

Choose Your Plan

With Wellbone, you’re able to choose your plan to fit your family’s lifestyle right from the jump.

Choose from two pretty awesome offers:

Medium plan Starting at $174, you’ll get individual and small family meals. That includes up to 10-12 lbs of high quality meat, a value of 30 portions at approximately $5.80 per meal. These come individually vacuum sealed after you select 4 cuts from our menu.

Large planStarting at $274, you’ll get individual and small family meals. That includes up to 20-22 lbs of high quality meat, a value of 54 portions at approximately $5.07 per meal. These come individually vacuum sealed after you select 8 cuts from our menu.

No matter which plan you select, the meat will keep coming every 4 weeks. Or, if you need, you can change the frequency to every 6 or every 8 weeks.

Why does Wellbone cost less?

What a great question. The answer to that is Wellbone has a direct sourcing model and we handle our own logistics. With that system, we’re able to optimize costs, reduce waste, and lower prices to our local customers.

what are the best meat gift packages

How are the steaks packaged?

Every single meat we handle is hand-cut by our in-house professionals. Then, the meats are aged for 7-28 days to exceed expectations in the flavor and tenderness departments. Lastly, they are individually sealed and packed, flash-frozen to preserve flavor, vitamins, and minerals, and sent on their way to your doorstep. 

How does the process work?

To make this answer easiest, we’re going to bullet point the process for easy referencing.

  • Meat is sourced from local farms
  • Meat is selected by our professionals, with lean and healthy beef and pork prioritized
  • In-house specialists hand-pick the best and most affordable options
  • Value plans are built based on popular selection
  • Every month, packages get a little extra love
  • Customers choose the best plan for their family
  • Customers are able to change their items any time, including exploring new products
  • Delivery options are easily adjustable
  • Hand-delivered food directly to your doorstep
  • Meat will arrive 100% frozen for maximum freshness
  • Every cut will be individually-packed and ready for immediate cooking once thawed

the best meat gift packages

What are the best meat gift packages?

There’s no one answer that can cover that question. The best meat gift package depends on you and what you deem great. If your family prefers beef to pork or vice versa, that will be the best meat gift package. 

If you’re gifting the meat package as a birthday gift or something similar, keep in mind that we have a vast amount of selections. Choose a variety and give them the best of all worlds. That way they can get to try it all and come back for more!

If you have any questions for our in-house staff at Wellbone, please feel free to reach out via our website and locate our email or phone number.

At Wellbone, we are driven by our values and are willing to proclaim them everywhere we go. Family comes first and they’re the reason we do everything. So come on over to our website, select your meat package, and give the fam what they’ve been yearning for… a delicious meal that’s affordable and amazing.


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