SoCal Subscribers Get Their Meat Delivered In Our Refrigerated Van

SoCal Subscribers Get Their Meat Delivered In Our Refrigerated Van

SoCal van delivery

If you're one of our Southern California subscribers, we have some exciting news for you! As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best service and best-value products, we are thrilled to introduce our brand-new meat delivery experience.

Say goodbye to worrying about the freshness and flavor of your meat subscription because it now arrives in a bag, safeguarded by our state-of-the-art, refrigerated van and friendly drivers.

Read on to discover how this upgrade ensures that your meat is delivered at peak freshness, preserving its excellent taste and quality.

Unparalleled Freshness and Flavor Protection

At Wellbone, we understand that the journey from farm to your family's table plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimal taste and freshness of our meats. With our new refrigerated van, specially designed to maintain the perfect temperature throughout transit, we can guarantee that your meat subscription will arrive in pristine condition. By utilizing advanced refrigeration technology, we preserve the integrity of each cut, allowing you to savor the exceptional flavor and tenderness you've come to expect from Wellbone.

The Role of Our Friendly Drivers

Our dedicated team of friendly drivers forms an integral part of this enhanced delivery experience. With them, your meat is in safe hands, ensuring that it arrives at your doorstep in the same excellent condition as when it left our facility. Our drivers not only ensure a smooth and timely delivery but also provide a personal touch, giving you peace of mind that your meat is being handled with the respect it deserves.

Protection at Every Step

The transition to bagged delivery further reinforces our commitment to protecting your meat subscription at every step of its journey. The specially designed bags act as an additional layer of insulation, shielding your meats from external factors that could compromise their freshness. This innovative packaging solution, coupled with our refrigerated van, effectively seals in the natural flavors, juices, and texture, maintaining the optimal quality you've grown to love.

Convenience and Sustainability

In addition to prioritizing freshness and flavor, we also strive to make the delivery process as convenient and sustainable as possible. Our bagged delivery eliminates the need for excess packaging materials, reducing waste and our environmental footprint. By streamlining the process, we aim to offer you a hassle-free experience that aligns with our shared commitment to a greener future.


Remember, when it comes to your meat subscription, we've got you covered—bag, van, and all!

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