how much is wellbone monthly

How Much Is Wellbone Monthly?

The best part about being a member of Wellbone is that you can choose the best value plan for your budget. The owner’s knew that giving families zero options would not draw customers in. Instead, they came up with two money-friendly choices to pick from so that you and your fam can get delicious meals for a great price.

Choose a Plan

Wellbone has what’s called a medium plan and a large plan for you to select. 

The medium includes:

  • Up to 10-12 lbs of high quality meat
  • Up to 30 portions ($5.80 per meal)
  • Individually vacuum sealed meats
  • 4 cut selections from the main menu

Priced at $174.

The large includes:

  • Up to 20-22 lbs of high quality meat
  • Up to 54 portions ($5.07 per meal)
  • Individually vacuum sealed meats
  • 8 cut selections from the main menu

Priced at $274.

Both plans are created to serve individuals and families alike.

What do you get when you subscribe to Wellbone?

If you’re in the Southern California area, you automatically get free delivery. Outside of that area, our delivery prices can’t be beat, that’s a guarantee. Plus, all meats come frozen for the best preservation.

To add, Wellbone gives customers a variety of beef and pork products to choose from. Each selection is super lean and totally family-friendly – very convenient for cooks of all ages.

Why is Wellbone so affordable?

We are grateful that our meats cost less than other delivery services. The reason we can provide such good prices is because we do direct sourcing and handle all of our logistics in-house. That gives us the opportunity to optimize costs, reduce all of our waste, and lower the price tag. In return, we get to give you cost-friendly meats!

wellbone delivery


How are the meats packaged?

Every single serving of meat that we sell is hand-cut and aged for approximately 7-28 days. That aging process gives our product the extra flavor and tenderness you’re looking for. 

Once done, we individually seal and pack each serving – we like to call it flash-frozen. This process preserves not only the flavor, but also the vitamins and minerals within.

How many people can be fed with one singular meal plan?

A great, and common, question.

If you purchase our medium plan, you’ll get 34 single servings that can be cooked to serve individuals, families, or groups of people. If you purchase our large plan, you’ll get 62 single servings

how much is wellbone monthly

How are the cattle raised?

Many people worry about how cattle is raised and meat is obtained, and we’re more than happy to let you in on our process.

Our cattle are pasture-raised and grain finished. We employ farmers that are conscious about the environment and the supply chain around the meat that they produce. Our #1 priority is to create a supply chain that puts animal welfare first while also supporting independent farmers and responsibly managing our business and everything surrounding it. 

If you have any questions or would like to contact one of our support assistants, please visit our website here. Give us a call or send us a quick email. We respond in the order messages are received. For additional information, click here for privacy and here for terms of service

Customer Reviews

David R: “Wellbone is simply amazing! The convenience of receiving everything frozen and ready to fill up the freezer is unbeatable!

Alan M: “Thrilled with my 1st order – Tomahawk steaks & burgers. Absolutely worth it!

Ian C: “A serious upgrade in quality from supermarket meat. New York steaks and meatballs stood out as exceptional.

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